The Grover 502C Roto-Grip locking tuners are drop-in tuners that use the 3/3 tuner configuration and have an 18-1 gear ratio. This ratio allows a lot of different popular guitars to fit these tuners, which means that maybe you won’t have to do any adjustments to your headstock.


Mini Bass Machines (144 Series) The Grover® “MINI” is lightweight, compact and durable for modern electric basses. 20:1 gear ratio. Vintage Bass Machines (142 Series) Precision and durability with classic styling make this bass machine heads ideal for manufacturing or upgrading instruments. 22:1 gear ratio.

Grovers being made overseas and at a higher volume so cost a lot less. The Grover tuners are about 90% as good as the Waverlys. I found that I preferred 16:1 over 18:1, it took too much turning to make adjustments with the Grovers. The Waverly's have a better feel to the tuning when installed correctly 2007-05-18 I prefer Grover over the Martin tuners because they have more history with Martin and in my oppinion they are a little more heavy duty. Again just my oppinion. Personal preference is everything with such fine equipment, you can't go wrong with either. Jul 11, 2013 #2.

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Again just my oppinion. Personal preference is everything with such fine equipment, you can't go wrong with either. Either way you go, Tonepros or Grover tulip-style, they are a vast improvement over the stock units, no matter what. The stock tuners do a fine job of holding the string in place, but aren't nearly as smooth and precise as the competition. Plus, the shaft is much taller, allowing more winds. More winds = Improved stability.

Gibson(Les Paul Custom, J200, Gretsch and others FREE SHIPPING! This is an original vintage set of 1959 rare gold Patent Pending Grover tuners complete with all original hardware: gold ferrules. Washers and mounting screws.

I have just put Grover V97N-18's on both my Blueridge guitars (BR-140 and BR-160). I LOVE EM! Mine had the open style OEM tuners on them and the Grovers went right on with absolutely no drilling. I changed out the bushings but that took only about 2 mins per machine and I'd have done it anyway reguardless of fit.

These were the stock gear on Martin D-28 from the late 50s and on other Martins through the early 60s and would be a great gear for your mid 60s Gibson. 1930s Pre-1938 G-93 Grover tuners Martin Dreadnought. 6:1 ratio pre war Grovers, mid-1930's.

Martin tuners vs grover

Introduced in 1958 and only made in limited quantities, the Gibson Flying V has Aluminum Stop Bar Tuning Machines - Grover Rotomatics w/ Kidney Buttons 

Most cheaper guitar tuners will be Chromatic, so this is probably the place you'll start. 2017-04-06 · These are often the most accurate and easy to use tuners, with 14:1 gear ratio or higher. In the past, guitar-style tuners were too heavy for ukuleles, but now there are many lightweight versions. My favorite is the old-school Grover open-back tuners, scaled down from the For almost a century, we have been creating products used by professionals.

Jackson 32T KING V De uppgraderade finesserna på JS32T King V är: en Som alltid när det gäller Martin, en fantastisk gitarr.
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They come in oval or scalloped buttons. Old Grover Statites (left), Gotoh Kluson copies (right) Kluson w/ scalloped buttons. Gold Kluson copies . Genuine Kluson.

And for those who really like to leave things to the last minute, my studio will be open until 24 December - contact me to arrange a visit. Mit Grover kannst du Technik ab 1 Monat flexibel mieten.
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Martin tuners vs grover

Many of the "vintage" tuners on new Gibsons are made by Grover. All the new ones are 14:1 ratio regardless which way you go. My favorite tuner - bar none - is the Grover Rotomatic. They are heavier than all the rest, very tough, very well made. The "vintage" style Grovers are made alot lighter and I've still seen a few come apart.

I just ordered a D-35 and that was one of the questions I asked before placing the order.